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 Virgo Psices CancerTaurus


Spring is on her way, and we are, at last, emerging out of a long, dark, cold winter! With Saturn going Direct this month after many moons of retrograde, we are beginning to move forward with our plans, with the lessons we have learnt, and we are finally starting to live the truths that we learnt during Saturn’s time in Sagittarius.

We can expect to move ahead with more determination, carrying some scars as we always do with Saturn’s lessons, but clearer and more aware of the wrongly held belief systems we have been carting around for so very long.

We need to make the most of this time as Saturn remains in Sagittarius until he enters Capricorn at the end of this year, to refine and filter what we have learnt, to take the very best with us. This means examining what freedom means to us, examining what we believe in our hearts about religion, truth and philosophy and decide how we shall live these beliefs – and replace outworn truths – or lies even – with new, shiny, truth –filled mindsets.

Mercury goes direct on 5 September, so our communication will go back to normal, and we will have had some time to reflect and review before year’s end, before we head happily into a time of new growth and freshness.

The Eclipses are also well and truly over, and whatever has been shaken up during August will begin to take root and guide us toward our ever evolving destinies – our ever evolving selves.

Finally, Jupiter will end his yearlong sojourn in relationship orientated Libra, taking our focus from our partnerships to Scorpio – a sign which teaches us how to manage and express our true power and strength.

And so, it is with a light heart that I wish all of you, a happy Spring and a chance for a brand new start!

With that said, as usual, I will be including information for my upcoming workshops, courses and retreats in the emailer. If you wish to just read your ‘scopes, just scroll a little further down and there will be your guidance for the next month!


September and October are busy, busy months in my world, so workshops will be coming your way once again in November – watch this space!

If you are a group of four or five, and wish to have a private class at your home, Astrology OR Tarot, simply drop me a line and we can work something out!


I am now running my third Astrology Basics for Self Empowerment Course, which is being mnet with great enthusiasm by this new group of dedicated students, with this also being the second time I have partnered with the School of Intuition and Healing – what a great team we make!

The third course already has  6 students (a maximum of 9 will be accepted) and it will be running every Monday evening from 17 September until 4 December 2017, 6:30 – 9pm.

To see what students think, here are a few testimonials from the first course:

“I really loved your teaching style. I liked that you differentiated between lecturing the content and then allowing the group to do the exploration / application of the knowledge afterwards. This kind of experiential learning I believe to be really beneficial as it grounds the knowledge. “

“I really really enjoyed this course and am excited by the new possibilities for growth that I have access to as a result of having taken this journey with you. Thank  YOU  for sharing your gifts and holding the space for me to learn and explore.”

“We want more!!!!”

**This will be the last course before June 2018, so if you are hesitant and don’t want to wait, book now!**

Spaces really ARE limited, so please do drop me an email, or email the address on the poster below to book your spot or find out more information.

Course Poster - SOIH Spring Course

Our Metavarsity Tarot Course is wonderfully popular, with this one reaching maximum capacity with 10 people!

The next course has been planned, and will be running from 22 February 2018, so book your seat now to avoid disappointment!

I will also be happy to hold short, 2 hour workshops in Tarot, so if you are a group of people wishing to learn, or simply don’t have the time of money for a longer course, simply get in touch with me!

Tarot Class


I am VERY excited to announce that I will be presenting Tarot / Astrology at the “Retreat Yourself” event in Onrus, from 3 – 5 November along with some absolutely wonderful healers, and the event will be limited to 200 people!

Tickets go on sale 22 August, so email me now to book your seat!

So with that all said and done, let’s look ahead to September –

Dates and signs of the Moon Cycles for September: 

Full Moon : 6 Sep, 13 Pisces

This is a time to LET GO of something that no longer serves you as the Moon begins to wane, in line with the house that the degree of the Moon falls into. It is also a time in which a light will be shone into that area of life and stirred up. It is a time in which your original intention at New Moon could be fulfilled.

A Full Moon in Pisces is a beautiful, soft, gentle Moon – close to dreamy Neptune in Pisces makes this an extra special time to be tuning into your spiritual side and escaping into nature, music and beauty. It’s a great time to become aware of any addictions and move past them, but going gently, softly and slowly. Let the tears fall if they need to, and let them cleanse you from the inside out.

New Moon: 20 Sep, 20 Virgo

This is the time to SET INTENTIONS in the line of something that you want to manifest in your life, as the Moon begins to gather light and grow, shaping our desires and needs, in line with the house that the degree of the New Moon falls into. It is a time to make our dreams come true, and we should align ourselves with what we truly want at this time.

In this earthy sign, it is a great time to set healthy intentions, intentions to take better care of ourselves and our bodies, to feed ourselves with the right things, physically and spiritually. It’s a wonderful time to start a new health regime and even detox. This New Moon will be in hard angle to Saturn and so there might be a little push required, head down, bum up.

Important Astrology Dates :

Mercury goes Direct, 28 Leo, 5 September

As usual, Mercury going direct will straighten out communication, get the printer working again and generally bring us all round happiness! We can once again plan travel, trust that we won’t just erupt into a fight with our partners, and sign contracts. Yay!

**To see how the planets affect you personally, simply access Astro.com to explore your chart, or contact me for an in depth & insightful  reading. **

And to end off, here are your monthly horoscopes, sign by sign, based on your Sun Sign – savour, and enjoy!

  scorpio Sag LeoAries


A good month for you, Aries! A partnership comes your way, something that ignites your passion and gets your blood flowing – so exciting! Not only does it get the juices flowing, but also the money, and you’ll be receiving a lump sum or an increase from somebody else, maybe even making a good investment or receiving shares. There’s a creative link to all of this, and you’ll have the enduring energy needed to get the job done. If you’re single and on the prowl, this is a good month to get noticed, and your charm is at an all-time high – you’ll be brimming with desire, having plenty of fun and feeling motivated and enthusiastic. Enjoy!


It’s time you stretched your wings a little, Taurus. This month sees you, quite uncharacteristically, wanting a little more freedom, especially in your relationships. Usually, you like things to stay the same, but September sees you changing things up just a little. If you’re on a spiritual journey, then this is an ideal month to delve a little deeper and perhaps do a few short courses or workshops in whatever captures your interest. You’re drawn to the unusual now, and relationships do tend to be a little more chaotic and less settled than you like – but there is a chance to heal old wounds, if you allow the energy to flow. Don’t ask for that commitment just get – see where it goes, and try to resist the temptation to talk babies and marriage!


Perhaps you need to change direction, Gemini, and I’d advise you take a look at your career to see if this is the area that you need some refreshing? It might feel very confusing at first, as you wonder which direction to take, which road to travel. You’ll have to trust in a muscle you rarely use – your intuition – and try to put that rational mind to bed, as it won’t help you here. There’s something hidden from you, but you can’t catch what it is – some fact or detail you are missing out on, and it’s only when you stop reaching with your intellect, that you’ll find the missing piece. You’re torn between career and family duties, and perhaps working too hard. Try and take time to balance both.


This is a really lovely month for you, Cancer. You’ll be connecting with old friends, perhaps friends from childhood or school, friends that you feel emotionally connected to, who hold you in their love and crate lovely memories for you to look back on. You might even fall in love this month, and I could bet my bottom dollar that it’ll be a friend that suddenly becomes attractive. Don’t be too surprised, they were probably lying right under your nose all along! It’ll not be the time to get serious yet though, as there are some hurdles – maybe you live far apart or perhaps they aren’t fully available. Just enjoy the freedom, for now, because there is plenty of that this month – freedom. You’ll be reaching out to those around you and conversation will be flowing more smoothly than usual –you’ll be with tribe this month, dear Cancer!


You’re not usually one to keep your temper under wraps, Leo – you’ll roar and stick your stake into the ground, and who care what people think – anger is a healthy emotion as far as the fire signs are concerned. However, this month, for some reason, you’re hiding it. You’re burying all those angry feelings under the carpet and you need to be ever so careful that they don’t come to bite you. Perhaps you just need to bide your time, and that’s perfectly fine, and perhaps, just perhaps, this is the month to keep your head low and nose to the ground, and do your work quietly. You’ll be thinking about money and your self-worth will come up as a part of that – are you getting what you are worth, in all aspects of life? Don’t be hard on yourself, as there is a temptation to a lack of self-belief, which is quite unlike you.


It’s your birthday, Virgo! Hip, hip, hooray! It’s your time to shine and celebrate another cycle around the Sun. You hate the spotlight, but this month I encourage you to own it and enjoy the attention. You are more than good enough, and you don’t need to be so hard on yourself. People call you critical, but they don’t realise that you are harder on yourself than on anyone else. This is not the time to do that, Virgo – cultivate self-compassion and don’t expect such perfection from yourself all the time. You might find some pressure coming at your from the family, so make sure those boundaries are nice and strong, and use your rational objectivity and levelheadedness to maneuver through the problems. 


It’s nice to have money isn’t it Libra? It’s also nice to spend it, isn’t it? Money will be coming in as fast as you spend it so you’ll need to keep a good eye on things. Just expect the unexpected, and there could be a few expenses that come up as quite a surprise. Things in your relationship could also be quite unstable, and there might be a surprise separation – perhaps one of you goes travelling, or has to leave unexpectedly – just go with it, for its giving you both that much more freedom. There is certainly growth associated with this month, if you search for it. Career looks rosy this month, and the relationships you form with your employer (if you’re an employee) will take you very far indeed. Again, there might be a few disruptions here and there, some unexpected change, so be sure to just flow with it.


If you’re looking to get ahead, Scorpio, then this is the time to do it. Your star is rising professionally, but do make sure you aren’t stepping on anyone’s toes. You’ve got enormous drive and power this month to accomplish whatever you set out to do, and you’ll be forming fantastic relationships, strong relationship – lasting relationships. If you are thinking about going into business with someone, then this is a great time to be doing just that. You relationships look quite stable as well, and you’re putting the necessary elbow grease in to make it work – using clear and concise communication as your main tool. You’re full of enthusiasm this month, Scorpio, and for the first time in perhaps a long time, you’re shining!


Family responsibilities tie you down this month, Sagittarius. It’s the last few months before Saturn leaves your sign, so be aware that things will begin to feel less burdensome, less tiresome and lighter towards the end of this year. In fact, you’ll have the energy to deal with things that seemed hard two years ago, and you’re more responsible than you have ever been. It’s not such a bad feeling, right? In between all these responsibilities, be prepared to have some fun and set some new goals – there is opportunity for growth if you just look in the right places, and your friends can offer you some relief from the responsibility! There’ll be some changes, and maybe you’ll have to give up freedom in certain areas of life to achieve a goal – but really, this is what “adulting” is all about! 


There might well be someone who is drawing your attention very strongly this month, Capricorn, someone you can quite easily get obsessed with. There is a deep, strong emotional connection which you might not have felt in a very long time, someone you feel you can tell all your secrets to, and be accepted for, completely. Perhaps it’s a spiritual connection you feel, or perhaps it’s not even a person at all, but a passion, reconnecting with something you once loved that you rediscover. In any case, it’s consuming, so make sure you make some time for lightness and play, and not try and get all controlling about it. Let it flow. And resist any temptation towards power struggles.


For the fifth month is a row, your life is still about refining structuring and streamlining your goals. This month it falls in context of your health goals – and maybe to a lesser extent, your professional goals. At the end of the day, you are working very, very hard towards the future, and it really will pay off, I promise! Just keep your head down, bum up and keep going. Don’t get downhearted about a financial matter, and remember to share – there is more than enough to go around, and open up to intimacy, even if it scares you. Any problems you have, relationship wise, can be worked out rather well, with determination and commitment. You possess enormous self-discipline now, Aquarius, in almost all areas, so make the most of that!


This month’s theme, as seems to be the trend for you lately, Pisces, is relationships and sharing, intimacy and connection. On one hand, you could be longing for Mr or Mrs Right to come along, the one who will sweep you off your feet and carry you away in a fervent passion, and on the other hand, you’re facing reality and feeling it very grey and dull. You’re not even really sure what you want right now, and it seems as if your emotions are all tangled up, and you need to make sure you don’t make any decisions, based on the space you’re in now. If you’re involved, be prepared for some surprised on the financial side – there could be some big expenses that you might need to unexpectedly pay.