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 Virgo Psices CancerTaurus

Astrological Greetings, Dear Ones,

Oh, what fun.  Five Planets are Retrograde during the month of July, and so we can expect some serious delays in almost all areas of life. Realistically, though, the slower moving planets are almost always retrograde, so that is something we are used to. It’s when a personal planet, such as Mars, goes Retrograde that we really feel it. The last time Mars went Retrograde was in Autumn, 2016 (for us here in the Southern Hemisphere). Looking back, think on the issues that arose for you at that time. For me, it was finances, as Mars is the ruler of my second house of income, and so I experienced delays and frustration in this area. However, in that time, I also used the slow energy to develop my very successful Astrology for Beginner’s course, even whilst sleeping on a mattress and eating noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner whilst travelling in Asia.

So, think about what you can do during this period, what things you could perhaps do behind the scenes and not push forward but develop, conscientiously, without letting frustration get on top of you? That will be very hard for the fire signs, and especially those with many Aries Planets or an Aries Ascendant, and of course also for Scorpios. These are the signs ruled by Mars and can expect the most intense lessons in patience over these next two months.

It’s going to be very easy to get angry, feel irritated, lash out now. Mars is the God of War, after all, and he doesn’t like to be held back – just imagine how Ares would react at being held back? He would probably try and lash his way though and get hurt in the process, fracture things that don’t need to be fractured.

There is hope – there always is. The New Moon Eclipse in Cancer on the 13th can be very tender and locoing, and generally, Solar Eclipses (supercharged New Moons), are much more easy to handle than the Lunar Eclipse, particularly seeing as this one is in the sign that the Moon rules with a soft, gentle trine to Jupiter and Neptune, which invites compassion and empathy into our lives at this heated and intense time.

With the other 4 planets in slowdown mode, perhaps we need to really use this Winter time to go within and be quite. To learn to control our reactions, to deal with our insecurities and take care of things in the material word, to work on our long term goals. Let’s bide our time, and create a plan of action to launch after Mars goes direct around September. Let’s breathe – let’s not try and be swallowed by fear. In Aquarius and Capricorn, we might encounter conflicts with friends and groups, we might feel like we have to fight for our ideals – we might have to realign our goals and rework them with dedication and patience. Investing in Lao Tzu’s “Art of War” may be a good thing to do right about now.

It will be a month of Karmic Doors opening, with the Eclipses, and old, old wounds can come up which we feel were resolved. With Retrograde Mars travelling with the South Node, representing our past lives in Eastern astrology, perhaps we need to look at new ways of managing our aggression and assertiveness, and to shed some Karmic Debts. Perhaps we can see this as a cleansing period, a trial by fire, and doing rituals around the time of the eclipses will shed some of the stuff we don’t need any more and let more light in.

Saturn Retrograde all month, 5 – 3 degrees Capricorn

Neptune Retrograde all month, 16 degrees Pisces

Pluto Retrograde all month, 20 – 19 degrees Capricorn

Jupiter Retrograde all month, 13 degrees Scorpio

Mars Retrograde all month, 9 – 3 degrees Aquarius

With that said, as usual, I will be including information for my upcoming workshops, courses and retreats in the emailer. If you wish to just read your ‘scopes, just scroll a little further down and there will be your guidance for the next month!



Astrology Weekend Workshop at the Buddhist Retreat, Ixopo, KZN

Discover the Magic & Power of Nature through the Planets & Stars in this informative weekend workshop!

Learn how the cycles of nature affect you personally, and how your unique blueprint – your birth chart – can help you live to your fullest potential. Discover yourself, your strengths, challenges and which areas of life to maximize on, and live with greater equanimity and consciousness.

Astrology is a powerful and insightful tool for growth, and used with wisdom, can be transformative!

Your guides for the weekend will be Astrologers Corinna, from Gauteng, and Margarita, from Cape Town, who have both completed their Diplomas with Rod Suskin, famed South African Astrologer & Sangoma. They have both travelled the path of Astrology for many years, and have been involved in the world of Astrology completing various courses & workshops, for some time. Both have their own practices and are honoured to share the magic and power of the planets with you.

The weekend’s workshop will focus on, but not be limited to :

Fate & Free Will discussions, The Planets, Signs & Houses, the Aspects, Elements and Modalities, the Sun, Moon and the Rising sign, as well as the Cycles of Life.

There will be stargazing sessions, yoga and Q&A opportunities, and attendees will be working with their OWN birth charts.

Beginners are most welcome, and encouraged.



Astrology For Relationships Basics Workshop, Saturday 30 July, 11am – 1pm

Get to know your partner through the powerful lens of Astrology. Astrology is a powerful tool that will help you understand your loved one so much better, learn to tolerate and support their strengths and weaknesses and provide a fantastic platform for mutual understanding. which can be an amazing road towards healing.

In this 2 hour workshop, you will be guided and show how to read each other’s birth charts, examining the Rising Sign (how you appear), your Moon sign (your needs and how you are nourished), your Venus sign (your love style) and finally Mars (your desire nature).

Couples astrology really is a magical tool that allows you to look at both your own and your partners chart and learn where you may be in harmony and where you ‘lessons’ may lie. This provides amazing insight into one another and understanding within your relationship.

You’re invited to share this experience with other couples, and to bring along delicious food to share during and afterwards for discussion.  Be brave enough to look into your mirrors and begin your path of awareness!

♥ R 150 per person // R280 per couple ♥


Book your space by :
♥ Emailing pearlheavenly@gmail.com your BIRTH DETAILS (date, time and place)
♥ Then, please email and / or make payment to:
*Use your name and ASTRO as reference
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

 Tarot for Beginner’s Workshop, Saturday 25 August 2018, 11am – 1pm

Join me for a 2 Hour introduction to Tarot for Beginners, and discover the wonderful messages stored in the cards. This language of the Divine can serve as wonderful guidance at sticky points in our lives and offer deep and sage insights.

Feel free to bring your own cards or some will be provided – bring your friends and partners and see how much fun this can be!

This workshop will be held in Glencairn, address to be confirmed. Please contact me to book your spot!

Yoga and Astrology Workshop, 9 October 2017

Join me for a fun, insightful and exciting 2 hour Astrology for Beginner’s Workshop at Equilibrium Retreat in Hout Bay! This workshop is great for those who are simply curious about the art, or want to understand more about themselves using this amazing and powerful art.

Together, we will be holding a wonderful Yoga and Astrology Workshop in which attendees will be doing a Planetary Yoga class, followed by the Workshop with me. There will be a meditation session as well as a light meal.

The cost is R333 per person, or R222 for those under 18. Contact me or the Retreat ASAP to book your place!

It is perfect for beginners so no previous knowledge is needed! Prepare to have fun!

If you are a group of four or five, and wish to have a private class at your home, Astrology OR Tarot, simply drop me a line and we can work something out!



The fifth Astrology Basics for Self-Empowerment Course is the fullest it has ever been and growing – this is a course which is always met with great enthusiasm by a new group of dedicated students – this also being the fourth time I have partnered with the School of Intuition and Healing – what a great team we make!

The fifth course will be running every Monday evening from 17 Sep 2018 – 10 Dec 20186:45 – 9:15pm.

To see what students think, here are a few testimonials:

“I really loved your teaching style. I liked that you differentiated between lecturing the content and then allowing the group to do the exploration / application of the knowledge afterwards. This kind of experiential learning I believe to be really beneficial as it grounds the knowledge. “

“I really really enjoyed this course and am excited by the new possibilities for growth that I have access to as a result of having taken this journey with you. Thank YOU  for sharing your gifts and holding the space for me to learn and explore.”

“I loved being with a class of lovely ladies and getting to know myself and others and being in an environment that felt safe, free and that had no expectations or pressure. “

“I thoroughly enjoyed Marg’s teaching style – relaxed yet composed and well-structured. For a young teacher, she seems to have ancient wisdom running through her veins.”

“The guided meditations each were a special and powerful treat!”

“It was a very well-constructed course, Margarita was an excellent teacher and took us through step by step”

Spaces really ARE limited, so please do drop me an email, or email the address on the poster below to book your spot or find out more information.

SOIH - Spring


Our Metavarsity Tarot Course is wonderfully popular, with the last one reaching maximum capacity of 10 people!

The next course has been planned, and will be running from 30 August 2018, so book your seat now to avoid disappointment!

I will also be happy to hold short, 2 hour workshops in Tarot, so if you are a group of people wishing to learn, or simply don’t have the time of money for a longer course, simply get in touch with me!

Tarot Class

So with that all said and done, let’s look ahead to July –

Dates and signs of the Moon Cycles for July: 

New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE , 13 July, 20 Cancer

This is the time to SET INTENTIONS in the line of something that you want to manifest in your life, as the Moon begins to gather light and grow, shaping our desires and needs, in line with the house that the degree of the New Moon falls into. It is a time to make our dreams come true, and we should align ourselves with what we truly want at this time.

This is beautiful, very gentle Eclipse, in the sensitive and empathetic sign of Cancer, a sign ruled by the Moon. With a beautiful trine to both Jupiter and Neptune, a grand trine is created and we can flow with emotions, have gentle beginnings in the areas of family relationships, or friendships and in the home – all subjects dear to Cancer. This is a time to start again, to seek and give forgiveness, to be creative. This may be a lovely time with family, a time to let healing tears flow, to seek healing for yourself, to set yourself on a path of renewal for the heart. The only challenge may be the opposition to Pluto, and we might have to watch for power struggles or intense emotional situations in the part of our charts that have the sign of Cancer in it. There may be some powerful endings to let go of, to surrender to, and Jupiter and Neptune will help us see the spiritual lessons and the potential for transformation in it all.

Full Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE : 27 July, 4 Aquarius

This is a time to LET GO of something that no longer serves you as the Moon begins to wane, in line with the house that the degree of the Moon falls into. It is also a time in which a light will be shone into that area of life and stirred up. It is a time in which your original intention at New Moon could be fulfilled.

This Lunar Eclipse can feel very sharp, with the conjunction to Retrograde Mars and our aggression at this time can be ramped up – we can be extremely prone to arguments, feeling as if we “know it all”. Fractures may appear in friendships, as we push to be “right”. Perhaps we need to let go of a certain friendship or ideal that we have been pushing too hard for, perhaps it’s time to create something new, to push less. The square to Uranus means that this Full Moon will contain some unexpected surprises, and we have to be ultra-careful not to make any rushed decisions, as they can have chaotic consequences. Let’s rein that energy is and tread carefully with this Moon, and be careful of quickly cutting loose that which we may regret.

**To see how the planets affect you personally, simply access Astro.com to explore your chart, or contact me for an in depth & insightful  reading. **

And to end off, here are your monthly horoscopes, sign by sign, based on your Sun Sign – savour, and enjoy!

  scorpio Sag LeoAries


Oh Aries, you’re going to really have to learn to work with this Mars Retrograde. Nothing frustrates you more than having to wait, and you will have to wait. Whether it’s for a project to take off, a sale to come through, a time to take action – you’ll have to wait. Try not to explode in the meantime, and watch your aggression levels. Try and cultivate patience. It’s going to particularly come up in the area of work for you, and perhaps you’d love to lash out at whoever is trying to assume authority over you, but do try and hold it in. Bide your time, and take advice from your counterpart, Scorpio, who can teach you the Art of War, teach you how to calculate your risks instead of blundering in. Take this time to really formulate your goals, carefully, structure your ideals and make a game plan. Learn from your mistakes, don’t rush and for heaven’s sake, please don’t be rash, Aries, You’re more accident prone than ever over this month and you’ll regret those split second choices, especially in relation to your finances.


As you’ve probably started feeling by now, Uranus has entered your sign for the next several years, expect for a brief sojourn back into Aries for a short but in this year. Life is changing – you are changing – and as terrifying as that is, it is also exhilarating, Try to go with the roller-coaster rather than against in, particularly in the areas of your goals at the moment Taurus. Perhaps some new energy is needed, perhaps you need to start thinking out of the box. Maybe you need some new friends; maybe you need to expand your horizons. Dare to be different, Taurus, and show your unique creative energy. In all of this chaos, take the time to make your home lovely – buy it some pretty gifts and invite friends over, it’s a good time to get social in the home space, and you might really love to entertain this month.


It’s a quiet month for you Gemini’s. It’s a month to reflect, a month to be alone – for once. It’s a month to be silent and go inside. A month to learn who you really are. A month to sit and work out how you want to handle your money, and be intuitive about it. Put a plan together as to how to plan to spend less, save more, and earn more. You can be ingenious with your resources over this time, and taking a moment to sit with your financial advisor is a great idea. Otherwise why not take a course? Why not do it yourself? Studying can be a good idea now, too and your mind is even more absorbent than usual. Your day to day affairs should be rewarding and even the “daily drudge” will bring with it a fair amount of satisfaction and an enjoyment of problem solving, You’re able to see the bigger picture now, too, and though your head and heart may be saying different things, mostly things will feel quite smooth and harmonious.  


Happy Birthday, dear Crabs. It’s probably going to be quite a beautiful new month for you in terms of new beginnings, with the Solar Eclipse in your sign. Solar Eclipses are fantastic to commence on your chosen path, and with the grand trine of Jupiter and Neptune, you should be feeling spiritually elevated, heartfelt and passionate. The Solar Eclipse might have you saying goodbye –a tough goodbye – to someone or something you always struggled to let go of. Surrender, Cancer, and take the leap. Trust that life’s Divine Order has got your back. Try not to engage in a Power struggle of any kind, particularly in a relationship setting. In this case, the ending is making way for a wonderful start, and you will find a great deal of forgiveness in yourself. You’re able to see both sides of a situation in a much more rational way than usual, which can put you in a mediating position within your family environment. You may still feel a bit flattened and can veer on pessimism, so try and keep your chin up – this is your time to begin a beneficial new cycle!


Money makes the world go around, hey Leo? This month can be a bountiful on for you, and the bounty will translate into you being rather luxurious in your spending habits. This is a great time to review your values in all areas of life and see how you are building your existence around them, or if you have veered off. You might encounter some conflict in terms of debt, and must be careful of losing your cool – there may be a push and pull effect between you and another, a client, a bank, a lover. Try and come to a harmonious agreement. And just because you have a newfound bounty, do try and curb it – you could end up wasting more than you make, and it’s all too easy to fall into a vicious cycle. There seems to be a demand for freedom now – take it – just don’t cut everything and everyone loose and try to be considerate, especially with those that you work with. Expect some professional and financial surprises, and ride the wave.


This can be a socially uplifting month for you Virgos. A month to exchange ideas, to communicate your truth, to get out and about, even if you do love being a bit of a homebody. Plan a weekend away with some friends, it will do you the world of good, or formulate a plan around doing a workshop on something you are interested in, perhaps naturopathy or wellness. You’re spinning with good ideas, and can be rather intuitive too, so the rational and the irrational both have an equal place in your life this month. You’ll be happily busy and moving about, channeling your energy into many tasks. You may even find yourself quite popular at the moment, and perhaps even taking a leadership role in your group – enjoy the limelight and the love, Virgo, it’s a truly pleasant month for you.


It’ll be a surprise if anyone sees you this month, Libra. As much as you truly love to socialize, this period is about nesting – hard. You’ll feel better simply being in your bed with a good book, watching a movie, making nourishing dinners and generally not doing too much. There will be some opportunity to get out and about, when you can pull yourself away from home and hearth, and you might even develop a love interest – if single – with someone you considered to be a friend. Your heart feels big right now, and you are viewing life through an emotional lens. Perhaps at times you may feel rather serious or even heavy, and getting out will lift your spirits and make you less likely to build walls that people can’t get into. Don’t build those walls and expect others to come in, Libra, open up the doors and let the light in. Nesting can become wallowing sometimes and so try and keep the balance.


This month is going to be so much fun, Scorpio. With Jupiter still travelling in your sign, you can expect growth, growth and more growth. Your world is opening and expanding, and you’re encountering many opportunities. This month sees an increase in fun and pleasure, perhaps even on quite a hedonistic level, and you may find yourself rather indulgent. Partying comes easily now, or at least celebrating life. This is all going to be needed as Mars, your ruler, goes retrograde and creates delays and some frustration, and you’ll have to watch that sharp tongue of yours, which can cut others to the core. This might be in the realm of family, and you could encounter conflict or separation here. Don’t worry, any retrograde planets never makes anything last forever, and usually things can be patched up after the planet goes direct. That said, just tread carefully, Scorpio.


Oh Sagittarius, You truly don’t like routine, I know. So you’ll have to find a way to spice it up this month before you tear your hair out, yes? Perhaps this is a great time to begin yoga, or a spiritual development programme that can help you grow within. Sagittarians are always walking that fine line of excess, either the party animal or the guru, and this month sees more of a guru theme. If not, you might be prone to excessive escapism and can overdo it, in all areas. Too many sweets, too many drinks, too much of too much – slow down, Sagittarius. Go back to the routine, it will ground and anchor you. Work hard, and know it’s not forever, just for now, as much as you hate the humdrum. You can go so deep with spiritual work now, and there is a higher level of understanding that you can reach – effortlessly.


Relationships are front and centre for you this month, Capricorn, and you might be quite challenged in terms of commitment. Whether it’s making a commitment or breaking one, this is essentially what needs to happen, and you’ll find yourself seeing your partner in a whole new light, seeing them as they are, and not as you want them to be. This may lead to a deeper level, or it may lead to it ending. In any case, things seem a great deal more serious. This may also apply to a business partnership, and you will need to try and see things in a more positive light ,as your serious mindset might be somewhat hampering and not give you a full view of what is really going on. Avoid power struggles, as they will drain you, and try to, as much as you can, let your feelings be shown, as trying to bury them will only lead to more difficulty.


This month has a very strong Mars feel to it for you, Aquarius, and you may be coming across as very aggressive indeed. Try not to be too pushy, and try not to push your opinions onto anyone else. You may find yourself in conflict when it comes to money owed – whether its money you owe to someone, or money owed to you. You may also conflict over shared finances with your partner, and so try and take it easy, as you may be too emotionally heavy at this time.  You’re not feeling very open and there is a closed off energy to you that may not be all that constructive. You’re a cool customer normally, but this month can get positively glacial. Money could be going up and down, so just try and roll with it. Look after your sense of worth and try not to be too hard on yourself – build yourself up instead of knocking yourself down.


You’re a naturally spiritual sign, Pisces, and so this month sees a bit more of that, a bit more growth in that direction and a sense of truly learning. More so, this period invites travel into your world, or the possibility of adventure. Enrol yourself in a course or decide to grow your world a bit more, it won’t be lost on you. Do try not to be excessive, as you might overdo it in the pursuit of freedom, and a lack of temperance is a distinct possibility at this time of your life. You may also make decisions too quickly or rush into things too enthusiastically, so try and operate with a touch more caution. This is the sort of month where your waistline grows instead of your life experiences, so try not to escape the humdrum of routine in unhealthy ways.