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Astrological Greetings, Dear Ones,

2018 is finally drawing to a close, and what a year it has been! I’s been a groundbreaking year for many, and from what I have seen in my office, not an easy one. The Mars, Venus and Mercury retrogrades from April have been somewhat exhausting, and there has been a rehash of what we want, desire, value and how we communicate that. We are now emerging from the fray, a little worse for wear, but with a bright and shiny 2019 awaiting us.

Three of the planets will be in their “home signs” – Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces (according to modern rulerships). What does this mean for us? Well, it means that wherever those areas are in our personal charts will get a wonderful boot and things can flow nicely, as the planets set about doing the work that hey are good at. Saturn in Capricorn will give us that earthy structure and material focus that we need to stay grounded as Jupiter urges us on to greater growth and freedom. Neptune swimming languidly through Pisces is continuing to illuminate spiritual truths for us, test our boundaries and help us develop our compassionate and empathetic mature – as long as we are not drowning in rescuing others.

What’s more, there are no personal planets, other than good old Mercury, going retrograde through the year. We have had our trial by fire and we can hope for a more stable year personally. The real change will come through Uranus entering Taurus, to stay, as from early 2019. Those of us who have perianal planets in Taurus, Aquarius, Leo or Scorpio in the early degrees (0-1 degree) of those signs will have a shakeup. Yes, that is scary for the fixed signs, who like stability and consistency. Yes, it will feel terrifying, but also quite thrilling, once we accept and resist less. This is the key to thriving in this transit, allowing the change to wash over us and liberate us from our stuck ways. Even the fixed signs can’t resist the only constant in life!

Because December is a crazy month, I am doing things a little differently; below is a list of important planetary movements for 2019, and instead of your usually monthly horoscope’s, there are affirmations for each sign to repeat over December. A Fuller monthly report will be available in January, and if you want a year ahead reading, don’t hesitate to book now, as the early part of the year is busier than any other time!

Astrological Dates for 2019 to diarize:

January 05 – Solar Eclipse 15° Capricorn

January 13 – Jupiter square Neptune

January 21 – Lunar Eclipse 01° Leo

January 31 – Saturn sextile Neptune

March 05 – Mercury retrograde 29° Pisces

April 10 – Jupiter retrograde 24° Sagittarius

April 24 – Pluto retrograde 23° Capricorn

April 29 – Saturn retrograde 20° Capricorn

June 16 – Jupiter square Neptune

June 16 – Saturn sextile Neptune

June 21 – Neptune retrograde 18° Pisces

July 02 – Solar Eclipse 10° Cancer

July 07 – Mercury retrograde 04° Leo

July 16 – Lunar Eclipse 02° Capricorn

August 11 – Uranus retrograde 06° Taurus

September 21 – Jupiter square Neptune

October 31 – Mercury retrograde 27° Scorpio

November 8 – Saturn sextile Neptune 

December 15 – Jupiter trine Uranus

December 26, 2019 – Solar Eclipse 04° Capricorn

With that said, as usual, I will be including information for my upcoming workshops, courses and retreats in the emailer. If you wish to just read your ‘scopes, just scroll a little further down and there will be your guidance for the next month!

Tarot Layout

Playing & Practicing Tarot – Your Year ahead, 2019

Join me, Margarita Celeste, Tarot Teacher and Consultant, for fun and games with Tarot Layouts once a month in a class full of avid Tarot Lovers and Enthusiasts!

These fun, intimate and small evenings are guaranteed to grow your knowledge of the cards and of layouts, and give you the opportunity to practice on someone else – without the pressure!

This workshop will be focussed on your year ahead for 2019.

These classes will be kept to ten people, so book now to come and play!


**These workshop evenings are open to those who have basic knowledge of the cards already
**Please book your seat and pay in advance to secure your spot :

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Acc Number : 62072089701
Miss Margarita Celeste Stoffberg

**Workshop will only be held with 6 or more people



For now, I am taking a little break from talks and events, and will be back in action as from 2019!

If you are a group of four or five, and wish to have a private class at your home, Astrology OR Tarot, simply drop me a line and we can work something out!



The fifth Astrology Basics for Self-Empowerment Course is the fullest it has ever been and growing – this is a course which is always met with great enthusiasm by a new group of dedicated students – this also being the fourth time I have partnered with the School of Intuition and Healing – what a great team we make!

Astrology is rising in popularity, and the sixth course will be running every Monday evening in June 2019. This course gets very full, so please don’t hesitate to book your seat as soon as possible.

To see what students think, here are a few testimonials:

“I really loved your teaching style. I liked that you differentiated between lecturing the content and then allowing the group to do the exploration / application of the knowledge afterwards. This kind of experiential learning I believe to be really beneficial as it grounds the knowledge. “

“I really really enjoyed this course and am excited by the new possibilities for growth that I have access to as a result of having taken this journey with you. Thank YOU  for sharing your gifts and holding the space for me to learn and explore.”

“I loved being with a class of lovely ladies and getting to know myself and others and being in an environment that felt safe, free and that had no expectations or pressure. “

“I thoroughly enjoyed Marg’s teaching style – relaxed yet composed and well-structured. For a young teacher, she seems to have ancient wisdom running through her veins.”

“The guided meditations each were a special and powerful treat!”

“It was a very well-constructed course, Margarita was an excellent teacher and took us through step by step”

Spaces really ARE limited, so please do drop me an email, or email the address on the poster below to book your spot.

SOIH 2019


Our Metavarsity Tarot Course is wonderfully popular, with the current one reaching maximum capacity of 10 people!

The next course has been planned, and will be running from March 2019, so book your seat now to avoid disappointment!

I will also be happy to hold short, 2 hour workshops in Tarot, so if you are a group of people wishing to learn, or simply don’t have the time of money for a longer course, simply get in touch with me!

Tarot Class


Dates and signs of the Moon Cycles for November: 


New Moon , 7 Dec, 15  Sagittarius

This is the time to SET INTENTIONS in the line of something that you want to manifest in your life, as the Moon begins to gather light and grow, shaping our desires and needs, in line with the house that the degree of the New Moon falls into. It is a time to make our dreams come true, and we should align ourselves with what we truly want at this time.

This is a delightful New Moon in Sagittarius, one to celebrate and enjoy – Jupiter is close by so this should be a bit pf a party moon, and a wonderful time to eat, drink and be merry! If there is a social event to be at, try and schedule it around this Moon, and set your intentions to welcome in for fun and play into your life. If you want to travel in the new year, make a vision board at this time, as Sagittarius also rules going to exotic destinations.

The only caution is the square to Mars and Neptune, which could make us quicker to anger, irritable and prone to escapism. We may have to watch for excess or unhealthy escapes.


Full Moon : 22 Dec, 0 Cancer

This is a time to LET GO of something that no longer serves you as the Moon begins to wane, in line with the house that the degree of the Moon falls into. It is also a time in which a light will be shone into that area of life and stirred up. It is a time in which your original intention at New Moon could be fulfilled.

A Full Moon in Cancer is a very emotional one and this will be a beautiful time to be with family and friends, although watch how high your emotions may run. Nurture yourself and those around you, and try to release any negative energies surrounding family matters – start anew, if you can. Saturn in opposition may restrict this free flow, or make things a little harder, and it could be easy for the more sensitive among us to get swept up in pessimism.


**To see how the planets affect you personally, simply access Astro.com to explore your chart, or contact me for an in depth & insightful  reading. **

And to end off, here are your monthly horoscopes, sign by sign, based on your Sun Sign – savour, and enjoy!

  scorpio Sag LeoAries


December Affirmation:

 It’s time for me to let my hair down and have some fun, to put myself out there for new romance and exciting encounters. I will use my time creatively and tap into what I am passionate about. I won’t be too hard on myself or push myself to exhaustion. I compete healthily.


December Affirmation:

This month, I will nourish myself with good food and routines that serve me. I will cook for those I love and show them my care in this way. I will serve others over myself, especially in my day to day work. I will be open to the possibility of falling in love with someone I see every day, and I will welcome creativity into each and every moment.


December Affirmation:

I promise to share equally in my relationships this month. I will try and get over my fear of commitment. I strive to try and think out of the box, and not run others down with my opinions. I will be open minded and willing to expand my thinking style. I will enjoy the optimism that washes over me.


December Affirmation:

This month, I will be open to change and not let it overwhelm me. I allow myself to grieve any losses.  I promise to rest and relax as much as I can, and let my friends nourish me. I am open to forming deep, emotional connections in my friendships and letting them see my vulnerable side, even if I am afraid. I allow myself to experience intense and powerful feelings.


December Affirmation:

I love travelling and going to exotic places, even if it’s just local. I will play wherever I am. I will let my hair down and show the world how much fun I can be. I will let myself be sexual, flirtatious and fun loving. I will try for a baby if I want one, or spend more time with my kids.


December Affirmation:

I will work hard and climb to the top of my game. Even though Mercury is retrograde, I will try not to get frustrated and impatient. Instead, I will focus on expanding my worldview and focus on the positive instead of what could go wrong.  My family is a source of joy to me. I will open my home to everyone and find joy in spending time with my nearest and dearest.


December Affirmation:

I will spend lots of time with my friends, who love and cherish me. I am open to falling in love with a friend. I will become creative about my goals, hopes and aspirations for the future. I will enjoy making plenty of money this month, but be open to change and surprises as well. I may experience disconnections or instability in my relationship, but I will enjoy greater freedom and be able to give it.


December Affirmation:

This month, I will allow myself to retreat a little and rest after a profound and intense year. Things may be hard, and I could suffer, but I will gain a great deal spiritually and grow. I am open to silence and meditation. Despite the difficulties, I will have a lot of fun and find healthy escapes. I celebrate my creativity.


December Affirmation:

This is my time to shine! All the planets have gathered to celebrate me and I am feeling optimistic and hopeful for a great 2019! My mind is open and I am eager to explore and expand my worldview. I will take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way. I will do my nest to look after my body during this festive season.


December Affirmation:

I will make my money work for me this month. Things may seem tight, so I will be wise about where I invest time, energy and resources. I will avoid financial power struggles. I will diligently work towards my goals and communicate what I want directly. I will empower myself financially.


December Affirmation:

I will communicate clearly this month, even though I am not always sure what I want to say until it arises. I will face my past with strength and clear any anxieties holding me back from living my fullest life. I will be wise and disciplined about my finance and navigate obstacles with grace.


December Affirmation:

I will invest my time and energy at home. I will try and be conscious of when I cause conflict unconsciously. I will not run away from family problems, but deal with them head on. I invite love, forgiveness and compassion into my home and for the ones I love. I will allow my creative energy to flow in my home.