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Astrological Greetings, Dear Ones,

April is going to be a powerhouse of a month. The last time we had a Mars – Saturn conjunction was in 2016 in Sagittarius, and we could really feel the burn! The Taskmaster Saturn and Warrior Mars can be compared to an unmovable object meeting an unstoppable one, and the result can either be deep frustration at our limitations, a rebellion and kicking back, or we learn to work with these energies, using discipline and fortitude as our helpers.

Goals is just the right word to use for April. One thing that could be said to be fortunate is that both Saturn and Mars are “dignified” in the sign of Capricorn, and thus can provide excellent results once we learn to structure, take responsibility, and set realistic aims for the future. We might be restricted at certain points, which can trigger our lashing out, but Mars in Capricorn is a little more steady in this sign, and will help us to stay the course.

Of course, Pluto is also in the picture, set to go Retrograde near the end of the month, and when all three planets are close together like this, mountains can be moved, but we have to be careful – ever so careful – about trodding on toes in our bid to get “our way”. Capricorn is ruthless at times, and the ambition of this sign can sometimes result in a lack of sensitivity to how we are making others feel. Work and achievement are on our minds, and the little people can be hurt in this process.

Knowing where Capricorn lies in our natal (birth) charts can help us navigate the waters, set good goals and learn to create realistic limits and plans of action. We have to be disciplined. We have to be conscious. We have to be kind, take responsibility and use our wisdom – but we have to also remember our softness.

This Capricorn energy will create a hard aspect to the Sun and Retrograde Mercury in Aries as well for some of the month, which can create strong insecurities, miscommunications, hard words and frustrated energies. Saturn moving retrograde mid-month will bring up a fair number of these feelings, and those who are born in April will be set to have a challenging year but also a year of great achievement.

The good news? Well, Mars and Saturn being in the sign of Capricorn is good in itself, and means we can make massive strides in the material world, when we work with the frustrations we encounter. Lady Venus slides into Taurus, a sign she is right at home in over April, which means, at least in terms of love, we should be stable and committed – and with her trine to Pluto and Mars mid-month, we can expect powerful, delicious relating to take place which feels every so committed yet ever so sensual and deep.

Important Astrology Dates :

Mercury Direct, 15 April, 4 degrees Aries
Saturn Retrograde, 18 April, 9 degrees Capricorn
Pluto Retrograde, 22 April, 21 Capricorn
Jupiter Retrograde all month, 22 – 10 degrees Scorpio

With that said, as usual, I will be including information for my upcoming workshops, courses and retreats in the emailer. If you wish to just read your ‘scopes, just scroll a little further down and there will be your guidance for the next month!


Astrology For Relationships Basics Workshop, Saturday 26 May

Get to know your partner through the powerful lens of Astrology. Astrology is a powerful tool that will help you understand your loved one so much better, learn to tolerate and support their strengths and weaknesses and provide a fantastic platform for mutual understanding. which can be an amazing road towards healing.

In this 2 hour workshop, you will be guided and show how to read each other’s birth charts, examining the Rising Sign (how you appear), your Moon sign (your needs and how you are nourished), your Venus sign (your love style) and finally Mars (your desire nature).

Couples astrology really is a magical tool that allows you to look at both your own and your partners chart and learn where you may be in harmony and where you ‘lessons’ may lie. This provides amazing insight into one another and understanding within your relationship.

You’re invited to share this experience with other couples, and to bring along delicious food to share during and afterwards for discussion.  Be brave enough to look into your mirrors and begin your path of awareness!

♥ R 150 per person // R280 per couple ♥


Book your space by :
♥ Emailing pearlheavenly@gmail.com your BIRTH DETAILS (date, time and place)
♥ Then, please email and / or make payment to:
*Use your name and ASTRO as reference
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Astrology for Beginner’s Workshop : Saturday 14 April 2018

I am once again starting my Beginner Workshops at the gorgeous Amber Moon in Gordon’s Bay, beginning with one on Saturday 14 April from 1:30pm – 3:30pm.

The workshop is great for those who are simply curious about the art, or want to understand more about themselves using this amazing and powerful art.

It is perfect for beginners so no previous knowledge is needed! Prepare to have fun!
The cost is R180 per person. Contact me or Amber Moon ASAP to book your place and remember to include your birth details!

To every Season, Turn, Turn, Turn, Saturday 24 June 2018

Join me at the Cape Astrology Association on Sunday 24 June for a talk on our Astrological Life Cycles.

One of the greatest gifts that Astrology can give us, is the ability to understand Cycles, to understand life’s crucial turning points and make room for these changes to happen. These Life Cycles mirror the Cycles of the Cosmos – things are born, grow, and die, to be reborn in the ever turning Wheel of Life. Cycles are what makes the Sun rise and set, what makes the Moon in all her Phases affect life here on earth just as clearly as the Sun makes all things grow. We live by the Sun and the Moon, and we live by the Seasons – “ to everything there is a season”.

When using Astrology, we can very clearly see and understand that our lives mirror these important cycles, which we too, go through the same birth, growth and death as all living things.

This is a great comfort to us, especially when faced with Life’s challenges – we can understand where they have sprung from, where their starting point is, when the changes will intensify, and (often thankfully), when they will come to an end. We can learn to understand this timing, through Astrology, and prepare for these changes and make the necessary adjustments.

Margarita will lead a discussion on these extremely important Life Cycles which are applicable at certain ages in everybody’s lives, which can help bring clarity to a current cycle, or help you prepare for an upcoming cycle – and of course, understand the cycles of life in others.

Yoga and Astrology Workshop, 9 October 2017

Join me for a fun, insightful and exciting 2 hour Astrology for Beginner’s Workshop at Equilibrium Retreat in Hout Bay! This workshop is great for those who are simply curious about the art, or want to understand more about themselves using this amazing and powerful art.

Together, we will be holding a wonderful Yoga and Astrology Workshop in which attendees will be doing a Planetary Yoga class, followed by the Workshop with me. There will be a meditation session as well as a light meal.

The cost is R333 per person, or R222 for those under 18. Contact me or the Retreat ASAP to book your place!

It is perfect for beginners so no previous knowledge is needed! Prepare to have fun!

If you are a group of four or five, and wish to have a private class at your home, Astrology OR Tarot, simply drop me a line and we can work something out!


The fourth Astrology Basics for Self-Empowerment Course was FULL, having being met with great enthusiasm by this new group of dedicated students, with this also being the third time I have partnered with the School of Intuition and Healing – what a great team we make!

The fifth course will be running every Monday evening from 18 June 2018 – 4 Sep 20186:30 – 9pm.

**This Winter Course gets extremely full, so don’t hesitate to book now!**

To see what students think, here are a few testimonials:

“I really loved your teaching style. I liked that you differentiated between lecturing the content and then allowing the group to do the exploration / application of the knowledge afterwards. This kind of experiential learning I believe to be really beneficial as it grounds the knowledge. “

“I really really enjoyed this course and am excited by the new possibilities for growth that I have access to as a result of having taken this journey with you. Thank YOU  for sharing your gifts and holding the space for me to learn and explore.”

“I loved being with a class of lovely ladies and getting to know myself and others and being in an environment that felt safe, free and that had no expectations or pressure. “

“I thoroughly enjoyed Marg’s teaching style – relaxed yet composed and well-structured. For a young teacher, she seems to have ancient wisdom running through her veins.”

“The guided meditations each were a special and powerful treat!”

“It was a very well-constructed course, Margarita was an excellent teacher and took us through step by step”

Spaces really ARE limited, so please do drop me an email, or email the address on the poster below to book your spot or find out more information.

Astro Course Winter 2018

Our Metavarsity Tarot Course is wonderfully popular, with the last one reaching maximum capacity of 10 people!

The next course has been planned, and will be running from 22 February 2018, so book your seat now to avoid disappointment!

I will also be happy to hold short, 2 hour workshops in Tarot, so if you are a group of people wishing to learn, or simply don’t have the time of money for a longer course, simply get in touch with me!

Tarot Class

So with that all said and done, let’s look ahead to April –

Dates and signs of the Moon Cycles for April: 

Full Moon : 29 April,  Scorpio

This is a time to LET GO of something that no longer serves you as the Moon begins to wane, in line with the house that the degree of the Moon falls into. It is also a time in which a light will be shone into that area of life and stirred up. It is a time in which your original intention at New Moon could be fulfilled.

This month’s Full Moon falls in the deep, dark sign of Scorpio. The moon is not altogether happy in Scorpio, with its only saving grace being a water sign, and the Moon loves water. This is a powerful and potent, Witchy Moon to let go of some deeply held trauma. Doing a ritual can manifest incredible results, if we are willing to face our darkness and truly release them. The gentle sextile with Saturn in Capricorn will help solidify our intent, and the opposition to Venus in Taurus might suggest that this is related to love and relationships.

New Moon , 15 March, 26 Aries

This is the time to SET INTENTIONS in the line of something that you want to manifest in your life, as the Moon begins to gather light and grow, shaping our desires and needs, in line with the house that the degree of the New Moon falls into. It is a time to make our dreams come true, and we should align ourselves with what we truly want at this time.

his is true new beginning in the first sign of the zodiac, fiery Aries. Here, we can manifest huge forward moving change, especially if it is related to taking action ourselves, being courageous or trying new things. The conjunction to Uranus does mean that we could feel a little unsettled, but confirms that our intentions should be set around issues of independence and freedom. 

**To see how the planets affect you personally, simply access Astro.com to explore your chart, or contact me for an in depth & insightful  reading. **

And to end off, here are your monthly horoscopes, sign by sign, based on your Sun Sign – savour, and enjoy!

  scorpio Sag LeoAries


It’s your birthday, dear Rams! How very exciting indeed, and you love a chance at new beginnings! This year is going to be a very powerful, achievement driven and goal orientated year for you, so be very sure not to step on anyone’s toes in your race to the top, and expect some power struggles coming your way – deal with them with as much grace as you can and work in your limitations, as much as you hate them – they will mature you. This month should be quite lovely, very social and you’ll want to make a good impression on the people around you, but be careful of being too pushy. This month really feels ever so new, and your mind will be spinning with ideas – make sure you ground them in reality. There will be some frustration at work, yet the type of frustration that you can work with, and you can achieve huge success if you are disciplined.


Money is on your mind this month, Taurus – not that is never is, but this month even more so. You could be feeling extra luxurious, and spend a lot of your cash on good food, wine and easy living. In fact, one could say that this is a somewhat hedonistic month and your finances might take a bit of a knock. This is a great time to plan, budget, save, look at any dependencies and develop some stability, and the rewards can be very high indeed if you do! The other area to focus on is relationships and you might be finding that you’re giving up more than you’re getting, and or getting more than you’re giving. It’s a fiery month for love, and you’ll have to watch that you and your loved ones don’t get burnt – the restless, unpredictable energy can be somewhat hard to handle, especially for a fixed sign like yourself who loves certainty.


Poor Gemini – you really hate Mercury retrograde don’t you? Clever cats such as yourself find it very challenging when communication slows down, but it does at least teach you to listen better! Regardless, this month is still going to be more talk than listen, and it could be frustrating not being heard. The focus this month is on your friends and perhaps even your siblings – fiery words can be spoken, and you’ll find it very hard to take them back, so tread ever so gently,, Gemini – you have a sharp tongue on you, and that tongue can get you into trouble now. You’re thinking a lot about love and relationships at the moment, but you might be a touch idealistic, so be sure to be aware of what you’re projecting out there.


Family is one of the most important things in life for you, Cancer, and this month sees a lot of focus on your nearest and dearest as well as on your physical home and foundations. It’s going to be a beautiful month, emotionally, and you’ll feel like closing the doors and nesting hard in your own private space, sharing only with those you love and trust. You’re emotionally very stable right now, and you’ll be enjoying a luxurious lifestyle, but just make sure that it doesn’t become escapism or overindulgence, which could prove to be your undoing. The astrological weather hints at being able to rein yourself in and create great emotional boundaries, keeping yourself safe, yet being open to love and nourishing – and passion, of course.


It’s a playful month for Leos, and you’ll be feeling impulsive and self expressive. It’s also a great time to be travelling, or making travel plans, and the sky can be the limit here. If there is something you are truly passionate about and it lies abroad – do it. Don’t hold back, seize the opportunity and make the most of it. If Workwise, you could be feeling very pressured and as if you are not up to the task – your usual confidence might be at a low, and the way you’re handling it could come across as aggressive. Instead, use this energy to be competitive and motivated to be the very best that you can be. If not, you’re going to wear yourself out and your health could take a toll.


Mercury retrogrades affect you more than most, Virgo, and as analytical as you are, as clearheaded as you are, even you could be feeling confused and foggy headed. And your tongue could be a little sharper than usual too, which could land you up on more sticky situations than you’d like, especially with your partner. Be careful and tread gently and if you are talking finances, watch your words before they come out of your month. It can be all too easy to get into power struggles and try to get the upper hand now. Wait until the end of Mercury Retrograde on the 15th before you move ahead with any financial contracts and obligations. You, of all signs, are amongst the most cautious but this month sees you acting rather impulsively, and perhaps unwisely.


Love, oh sweet love. This month has you all starry eyed and bushy tailed, yet there’s a catch – money. You’re unwilling to share, or your give and take between you could be somewhat challenging or unequal. Hot words can be exchanged yet at the same time, love is on your side and you can work through it. You’re feeling very passionate and the chemistry between you and your partner could be at an all-time high – just watch that it doesn’t become destructive or toxic. Power struggles are to be avoided, and an equal balance achieved which can be set off by March’s Full Moon in Libra, asking for balance between dependence and independence. You love to share, and this month might see you a little less willing to do so – and if that’s healthier for you, then go ahead.


This can be a great month for you in terms of financial or other support, Scorpio. You’re flying high with Jupiter in Scorpio, making your life bigger and better. People are giving you help at the moment, and even if there are a few crisis’s here and there, you’ll be feeling expansive and confident. The only catch is communication, and you could be feeling a little frustrated at the conversations you’re having, perhaps as if you’re trying to move forward and get pulled back into power struggles. Power struggles are common for you, as is crisis, so find a way to share the power equally instead of keeping it all to yourself, which is a quality you’re often guilty of. Only by sharing your deepest, most intimate feelings and thoughts without being scared of being vulnerable, will you be able to grow.


Ever since Saturn left your sign, Sagittarius, you’re feeling open and expansive, free spirited and adventurous. You’ve managed to learn your responsibilities so you know where your limits are, and this month sees you wanting to travel with your spirit, so to speak. You’re eager for spiritual growth and taking time to retreat yourself feels very important. Sagittarius is either the party lover or the yogi, sometimes both, and April sees having to balance these two sides of yourself with Temperance. You’re feeling very confident in yourself, and taking time alone seems to support that inner confidence and growth, and there seem to be wonderful creative opportunities coming your way, avenues to pursuing your passion and to have fun doing it. This is a great month, Sagittarius, and there is an overall feeling of spiritual protection in whatever you do.


Career strides can be made this month, Capricorn, and with so many planets in your sign, including Pluto, Saturn and Mars, you’ll be feeling the push to the top. Promotions are coming your way, but just be careful of overambition and subsequent power struggles with those above you. Capricorns are best suited to management positions, or to work for themselves, and if there is someone else trying to control you, you are going to kick back. Work within your limitations this month, Capricorn, and be careful of frustrations building up. You’re normally very in control of your reactions which helps you to navigate April with greater ease. If there was ever a better time to set goals, Capricorn, now is the time, because this year is when you will achieve them through sheer blood, sweat and tears.


You friends have always been important to you, Aquarius, and perhaps more so this month. With Saturn, your ruler, in the sign of Capricorn, your friendships might be firmer and more stable than ever before, possessing that much more depth. However, more of a theme this month is clearing old ghosts. Your wounds and hidden, self-destructive patterns are appearing this month right in front of you, and you will be challenged to work on them, however frustrated you are that they are still there, buried ever so deep. This is a great month to do healing work on your deep subconscious, as there can be a few knots to untie there for you. And you know what, Aquarius? You will succeed. With determination and strength, you’ve got this, no matter how hard these wounds are to work through. Take some time out to do it alone and that will benefit you enormously.


If there was any time to find a healthy escape, this is the time, Pisces, otherwise you are going to self-destruct through unhealthy habits which could bring about crisis. Face your shadow now, and try not to avoid – even if it is so very hard for you. If you need a spiritual handhold, this is the perfect time for that, and perhaps invest in doing a course for yourself that makes you feel strong, confident and in control, or attend a workshop – perhaps travel or join a spiritual group that you share common beliefs with. You’re feeling confident and positive, and you’ll eagerly be seeking to expand yourself, and you might find yourself lucky in more way than one over this time. Wherever you want to go, and whatever you want to do, the money seems to be there for you to help you grow.