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Astrological Greetings, Dear Ones,

As an Astrologer seeing clients day in and day out, I keep my ears peeled for commonalities; links in the chain, showing me where the collective conscious is living and what we are all experiencing together. Pere haps due to my own 12th house / Aquarius / Pisces signature, I tend to be more focused on the group, on humanity as a whole than on any one individual experience.

In the last month, I heard of a lot of death – beloved people passing away quite suddenly, and sometimes figurative death, too. Jobs, relationships, all changing or undergoing a metamorphosis, more so than is to be expected in life. Of course, change is always happening, transformation is always in motion – nature is never still – but in this Scorpio season, with the planet conglomerated in this intense sign of death and rebirth, I am finding that there seems to a lot more emphasis on these scorpionic energies.

Many things are undergoing a process of refinement – and there is certainly a sense of staring into the underworld, whether of our own souls, or into the things that we feel may not be relevant for us anymore. It’s been a time of great challenge and trial – with Mars retrograde for most of the year, followed be Venus Retrograde, and then Mercury hot on heir heels, we may feel like we reach the end of the year barely in our own skins – in matters perhaps, or perhaps we are using these times as an opportunity to reflect what we really, truly want. This applies even more to our relationships, and mars and Venus are the Archetypal symbols of desire and love, passion and conflict, connection and separation.

For many, it seems with this Venus retrograde, that long buried, suppressed material is rising to the surface to be cleaned out, to be seen. The truth is pretty ugly – and hard to face. We may be coming face to face with our own darkness, and of course experiencing the slowing down of the forward motion of our relationships, money and values.

Retrograde Scorpio Venus is demanding we see the truth – and then she gives us a break as she slides into peace loving Libra during the course of the month of November, before going direct on the 16th. This may give us all an opportunity to heal the wounds that may have been caused over this truth-seeking time.

Mercury Retrograde will close the year, from November 17th until 7 December. It may be a wonderful time to reflect, to think and ponder on what has changed for us in this past year. Our Values? Desires? Sexual needs? Drives? What energizes us? It doesn’t have to e a mess – Retrogrades really ARE opportunities, and so very much needed so that we can slow down and look back, and move forward with an increased sense of awareness.

Jupiter, jolly Guru, moves into Sagittarius on 9 November, ending his yearlong stay in deep Scorpio, and since this is a sign he rules, we can all feel the collective upsweep of enthusiasm and energy, and begin to enjoy life fully, have a bit of a party, go travelling, explore and learn. It’s a spiritually joyful time, and the area containing Sagittarius in your own chart is bound to get a wonderful burst of new life and growth. The difficult spiritual lesson we lean in 2016 whilst Saturn was in Sagittarius, come more easily now, and Sagittarius Sun, Moon and Ascendant people are going to have an especially lovely time.

The Nodes are moving, after 18 months on the Leo/Aquarius axis, into Cancer/Capricorn. Wherever the nodes are transiting, we can expect a bit of upheaval and some serious karmic learning. The houses that contain these two signs will be brought under sharp scrutiny, and we can certainly experience big shifts here over the next 18 months as from 17 November. If you have your Sun, Moon or Rising in any of these signs, you can expect big life changes over the next 18 months or so.

And last, but not least, mighty Uranus, sky God, moves back into Aries for a month or three, before he finally sets up shop in Taurus from 2019. This is a chance for people with cardinal signs – Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn – to make sweeping changes, to take big chances and to reclaim freedom – and afterwards, breath a sigh of relief that it is all finally over!

Saturn Direct all month, 4 – 7 degrees Capricorn

Neptune Retrograde all month, 13 degrees Pisces

Pluto Direct 1 October, 19 degrees Capricorn

Venus Retrograde until 16 November 29 – 25 Libra

Mercury retrograde 17 Nov – 7 Dec 13 Sag – 27 Scorpio

Jupiter Ingresses into Sagittarius 9 November

With that said, as usual, I will be including information for my upcoming workshops, courses and retreats in the emailer. If you wish to just read your ‘scopes, just scroll a little further down and there will be your guidance for the next month!



Astrology Weekend Workshop at the Buddhist Retreat, Ixopo, KZN

Discover the Magic & Power of Nature through the Planets & Stars in this informative weekend workshop!

Learn how the cycles of nature affect you personally, and how your unique blueprint – your birth chart – can help you live to your fullest potential. Discover yourself, your strengths, challenges and which areas of life to maximize on, and live with greater equanimity and consciousness.

Astrology is a powerful and insightful tool for growth, and used with wisdom, can be transformative!

Your guides for the weekend will be Astrologers Corinna, from Gauteng, and Margarita, from Cape Town, who have both completed their Diplomas with Rod Suskin, famed South African Astrologer & Sangoma. They have both travelled the path of Astrology for many years, and have been involved in the world of Astrology completing various courses & workshops, for some time. Both have their own practices and are honoured to share the magic and power of the planets with you.

The weekend’s workshop will focus on, but not be limited to :

Fate & Free Will discussions, The Planets, Signs & Houses, the Aspects, Elements and Modalities, the Sun, Moon and the Rising sign, as well as the Cycles of Life.

There will be stargazing sessions, yoga and Q&A opportunities, and attendees will be working with their OWN birth charts.

Beginners are most welcome, and encouraged.



For now, I am taking a little break from talks and events, and will be back in action as from 2019!

If you are a group of four or five, and wish to have a private class at your home, Astrology OR Tarot, simply drop me a line and we can work something out!



The fifth Astrology Basics for Self-Empowerment Course is the fullest it has ever been and growing – this is a course which is always met with great enthusiasm by a new group of dedicated students – this also being the fourth time I have partnered with the School of Intuition and Healing – what a great team we make!

Astrology is rising in popularity, and the sixth course will be running every Monday evening in June 2019. This course gets very full, so please don’t hesitate to book your seat as soon as possible.

To see what students think, here are a few testimonials:

“I really loved your teaching style. I liked that you differentiated between lecturing the content and then allowing the group to do the exploration / application of the knowledge afterwards. This kind of experiential learning I believe to be really beneficial as it grounds the knowledge. “

“I really really enjoyed this course and am excited by the new possibilities for growth that I have access to as a result of having taken this journey with you. Thank YOU  for sharing your gifts and holding the space for me to learn and explore.”

“I loved being with a class of lovely ladies and getting to know myself and others and being in an environment that felt safe, free and that had no expectations or pressure. “

“I thoroughly enjoyed Marg’s teaching style – relaxed yet composed and well-structured. For a young teacher, she seems to have ancient wisdom running through her veins.”

“The guided meditations each were a special and powerful treat!”

“It was a very well-constructed course, Margarita was an excellent teacher and took us through step by step”

Spaces really ARE limited, so please do drop me an email, or email the address on the poster below to book your spot.

SOIH 2019


Our Metavarsity Tarot Course is wonderfully popular, with the current one reaching maximum capacity of 10 people!

The next course has been planned, and will be running from March 2019, so book your seat now to avoid disappointment!

I will also be happy to hold short, 2 hour workshops in Tarot, so if you are a group of people wishing to learn, or simply don’t have the time of money for a longer course, simply get in touch with me!

Tarot Class


Dates and signs of the Moon Cycles for November: 


New Moon , 9 Nov, 11 Scorpio

This is the time to SET INTENTIONS in the line of something that you want to manifest in your life, as the Moon begins to gather light and grow, shaping our desires and needs, in line with the house that the degree of the New Moon falls into. It is a time to make our dreams come true, and we should align ourselves with what we truly want at this time.

On the day that this intense New Moon happens, the Moon’s nodes move into Cancer and Capricorn, a momentous event after 18 months in Leo and Aquarius. This heralds change, of course, particularly in the areas which contain these signs in your own chart. The Scorpio New Moon supports this beginning and perhaps it is a good time to set an intention to take responsibility for these areas of life, to allow certain things to be let go (wherever Capricorn is) and other things to manifest (wherever Cancer is).

This New moon’s ruler, Mars, squares the Moon, creating a bit of a sharp edge, a bit of aggression. The sting of the Scorpion’s tail may be quite sharp now, and so the advice is to go deep, live the truth over this New Moon and set some good intentions for change, but just be mindful of cutting too deep. The gentle trine to Neptune and the strong sextile to Pluto promise a bit of softening, some dreaming, as well as the opportunity to correct a power balance with greater ease than in the last month.


Full Moon : 23 Nov, 0 Gemini

This is a time to LET GO of something that no longer serves you as the Moon begins to wane, in line with the house that the degree of the Moon falls into. It is also a time in which a light will be shone into that area of life and stirred up. It is a time in which your original intention at New Moon could be fulfilled.

A Full Moon in Gemini is a lovely thing; it is light and not as emotionally dense as other Full Moons. This is a time to wrap up a mental project or have a conversation which effectively seals the deal. Just remember to balance facts and data with the bigger picture, as it can be very easy to get all “heady” without translating ideas into action. The sharp square to mars may also make you say thing you regret, and although you are “cutting the crap”, you may step on people’s feelings unwittingly.


**To see how the planets affect you personally, simply access Astro.com to explore your chart, or contact me for an in depth & insightful  reading. **

And to end off, here are your monthly horoscopes, sign by sign, based on your Sun Sign – savour, and enjoy!

  scorpio Sag LeoAries


Uranus is making one last visit into your sign, Aries, so until the beginning of next year, enjoy the roller-coaster – you will miss it, a little. It has been a very exciting, unsettling time, especially for those born later in the month. Despite the Uranian excitement, this month has a bit of focus on work and routine – yep, the boring day and day out mundane stuff. Emails and the like will demand your attention, so don’t fight it. Just take care of what needs to be done and you will feel better for it. You will be in a position over November to take care of the people you work with, and you’ll feel a strong emotional urge to nurture the folks around you. Just be careful of that quick tongue of yours firing shots, as you may act more impulsively than usual in the workplace. This may be a great time to pull together as a team, but try not to bury everyone in your own opinions.


Taurus, have yourself a nice time as Uranus glides out of your sign for a short while – take the time to just relax and let your breath out, because the rollercoaster planet is returning next year will full force, and he won’t be leaving for many years.  November has your focus on relationships, and of course, with Venus Retrograde, you are being forced to review things. This is not the time to make or break your relationship, and so rather just reflect on what you desire and want from love, and of course, what your partner needs, too.  Freedom will be one of the topics, and as much as you love togetherness, set some time aside to just be with yourself, to have your own adventures, and to allow the other to do the same. Separation really does make the heart grow fonder.


Mercury is going to Retrograde on November 16th, Gemini, to gird your loins and tape up your tongue, because you, as well as Virgo, really just hate this time and you really just have to try and get used to slowing down and trying not to rush everyone mentally. Silence is golden and reflection is good for you, believe it or not. This month may hold some change for you, but that shouldn’t be too tough – you are a flexible and adaptable sign, able to move and flow as you need. The shifts could be felt in the area of work for you, and there will be big conversations happening. Again, bear in mind that things usually change once mercury goes direct on December 7th, so try not to get too caught up in the drama.


People think that Cancerians are homebodies – and they are – but they are also intrepid travelers, always searching for their “real home”, which is usually very far away from the place they were born. This month has you getting itchy feet, Cancer. If you can do a work trip, then motivate for that – it will scratch your itch for now. Be ware that everyone is seeing what you are up to, Cancer, so don’t try and get away with anything sneaky – this is a great time to get noticed by the people you want to see you. Take advantage – send that important email, contact the big dog, your chances are higher now than they were before. In another area, you may be experiencing power struggles with someone close to you, either a partner or a dear friend, so be aware of when you are trying to take control or being overly defensive. Let your vulnerable side show, it will help you more at the end of the day.


You’re at the top this month, Leo – climb, climb, climb, baby! Your career is top priority and you are being seen by those who matter – work it! Relationships formed now are going to be extremely successful, and will help you get to the place you are meant to be – you’re coming across very charming indeed. Things at home may be a little touchy though – you could be experiencing a bit of a situation in which you have to carve out your individuality, and stand by your authentic desires. Even if the family makes demands on you, stand your ground and stay true to who you are. Relationships may need a bit of review in the family environment, and although things can get a little deep or intense, this can be a great time to lay old ghosts to rest. This month is a time for you to excel career wise, but make sure to crate a safe homespace to retreat to when you need it.


Virgo, know that Mercury retrograde irritates you, and then put that irritation to one side. You should know by now to use this time as an opportunity to reflect and review – as much as that irks you. The Tarot Card that represents you is the Hermit, meaning you love your homeplace and are a bit of an introvert usually, however, this month is a lot more social than even you may have expected. Enjoy it – you’re in a very charming space now and you may feel quite loved. Think about what it is that you want in the next few years and begin forming your goals around that – and start looking at what financials decisions you need to make to begin to afford chasing those dreams down.


Oh Libra, it’s not nice to have your ruling planet, Venus, in Retrograde, I know. You feel as if things are out of harmony and you can’t get it quite right – especially when it comes to your relationships. It’s short lived, you know. This is a wonderful time to REALLY think about what you want in love, instead of just giving and giving and compromising all the time. November is a quiet time, a time to go inward, to go away from the world a bit, despite your usual urge to be social. You will learn a lot in this reflective space. Some of you may have repressed things coming up, and some of you may face financial choices to make – you could be feeling a touch insecure, so make plans now to create more of a solid foundation for yourself, and you will begin to feel better. In fact, there are opportunities to earn more, if you just looked around.


Good heavens, Scorpio. Looking at your chary for the month and you have got it going on! All the planets are in your sign, or have been, which is creating quite a lot for you. You are growing, yes, as you have been in the last year whilst Jupiter travelled your sign, and now with Venus also retrograde in your sign, you will be feeling a lot when it comes to your relationships, and not all of it pretty. You’re going deep Scorpio, that’s for sure. And you like it there. Old friends and exes are opposing up all over the show, asking what it is you need to resolve so that you can move on in life. You’re asking the right questions, and this new Solar year promises that integration of all the growth you have been experiencing in this last year.


Oh, Sagittarius, I am so excited about 2019 for you with Jupiter in your sign. It promises to be such a happy time for you, with so much growth and perhaps even a bit of travel. Now, in November, start saving, start looking at how much money you can put aside for the good times that await you – you are not always geared towards having to take responsibility in this way, but you don’t want to end up in debt because you failed to heed my advice! You’ll thank me for it later. For now, save, save save. And take some quiet time to reflect on the last few years for you, which may have been quite tough. Take some time away if you can, consolidate that and get ready for an entirely new season of life to begin. You’re starting to integrate the ideas you have had recently into philosophy, and your ideas are huge. Meditation will feel especially good this month.


People are taking you very seriously now, Capricorn – your words and ideas are falling into the right ears, and although you may feel a touch insecure about what you are saying, you’re not showing it. Speak up, and reclaim your power through the spoken word. Now is not the time to take a weekend break – you need to stay the course, but don’t become too pessimistic – look at the bright side wherever you can, s you may get a touch too serious. Some of you may have car troubles this month, and some of you may decide it is time to upskill yourself so that you can excel even further in your career. The good needs is that you are able to marry tradition with progression now, and feel free within your structures, a lovely balance to have. Relationships look to be very stable too, with a nice bit of commitment thrown in.


You may face some conflict and tension with people in your family this month, Aquarius, and you’ll have to watch that sharp tongue of yours, or, you may be getting a tongue lashing from someone in your own living environment. This is an opportunity to sort things out, yet you HAVE to try to put a sock in it, as you may be very moved to regrettable words. You might feel a bit anxious in the homespace, and there is a sense that things are about to change even if they aren’t – you seem to have ants in your pants and you need to find a way to ground. Relationships have this conflict feel too, yet there is also a good foundation for you, so use this time to constructively deal with issues rather than go on the attack. You’re dealing with some deeply buried stuff at the moment, so go easy on yourself right now, and be gentle with the ghosts you raise.


It’s a really dreamy month for you, Pisces, and you’ll have a chance to indulge your passions and to really play. Have fun, and let that inner child free Pisces, she will love you for it. This is a time f your life where long held beliefs will begin to loosen, and you are starting to expand and grow in the best way possible. You’re so used to Neptune in your sign now that you are flowing with your intuition and your spirituality is coming naturally to you. You’re letting certain things just dissolve way and whatever stays is meant to stay. Single Pisces have the chance to meet someone specially if you are planning to travel!