This consent is given by the wife or husband according to who must get rid of the country, the spouse agreement includes the following indications, the name of the person who gave his consent, including his physical address, the nature of the consent and consent must be attested either by a lawyer, resident magistrate or commissioner of Eid. The sales contract is the contract under which ownership and ownership of land is transferred from the seller (seller) to the buyer (sold) for a certain amount of money. The sale contract is entered into in the form of base 38, which is tolerated by the provision of a right of occupancy. In this case, consent must be obtained. Thanks to these provisions, capitalist capitalists can now access land in the market and the discretion of civil servants has been restricted. the price at which the transfer is to take place is a substantial under-value of the land. In Section 2 of the Basic Law, the provision is defined as including the sale. Nach Section 36 of the Landesgesetz muss die Verf-gung den Paragraphen 36-40 entsprechen, aber die Verf-gung ist die Verf-gung. With regard to a right of occupancy, the sale by SMS a stake on or above the land on conditions related to the right of occupancy granted. Capital gains tax is the tax on the profit from the sale of the property, such as land or real estate. The tax is paid to the Financial Management Board; tax should also be paid by the assignor, which is considered the benefit of the sale of the property. The state owns the entire country in Tanzania.

As a result, no private property is allowed for both citizens and non-citizens. It must indicate the name, country and signature in order to provide full proof of the spouse`s agreement and to minimize vanity during the transmission process. The document is prepared by each registered lawyer and submitted to the property agent and registrar. At this point, the parties enter into a prospective sale agreement. It is forward-looking because it may be subject to certain formalities, such as authorization and notification. Related tasks include the development of the sales contract, which indicates the completion date, and the development of a delegation agreement. This process can take 5 days. The City Council may refuse the transfer for well-founded reasons, for example. B to oppose the right of any woman to occupy land held under a customary right of occupancy.

However, does the country exceed a certain amount that the law has introduced at the level of caps. All matters relating to the transfer of a right of occupancy must be respected in law in order to avoid unnecessary inconvenience that may arise; The provision must be duly registered in case of need and well maintained at the town hall. Fundamental Law 4, 1999 recognizes and confirms that blankes Land has value in return and, to that end, the land review must be conducted for transfer purposes in order to preserve the market value of the subject land. Despite whether land is registered or not registered, it is essential to conduct a physical and official search before the land is made available to ensure that the land is an existing piece of land and that it is free of load and compliant with land use plans.