One of the things I love to do in my work is bring people together and work in partnerships. After all, the more people who can access the gift of Astrology, the better! These are my top 4 partners who I work with to bring you regular Horoscopes :



Ephemeris.Co is a fantastic start up that helps you to create bespoke artwork according to yoru unique astrology chart. How cool! Check out their website to explore the regular, weekly blogs I write for them.

Ask Astrology

Ask Astrology is one of those websites that takes your knowledge that much further with their in-depth Astrology, Tarot, Psychic as well as Mind & Body sections. Find your weekly Love Horoscopes here!


Astromatrix is a well-known app & website used by thousands of Astrology lovers and enthusiasts. It contains in-depth information on Astrology and tarot, including Birth Chart information as well as Horoscopes. I am honored to write some of the planetary transit information, such as New Moons, Full Moons, retrogrades and Ingresses.


The Moon Calendar

The Moon Calendar App is a Daily Horoscope App designed to help you plot out your day to day, using the movements and alignments of the planets according to your Sun & Rising Sign. There are also great rituals, spells, journal prompts and so much more for the modern witchy person to enjoy!