as·trol·o·gy (n)

“the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.”

“the divination of the supposed influences of the stars and planets on human affairs and terrestrial events by their positions and aspects:

synonyms : prediction, sorcery, magic, prophecy, horoscopy

What is Astrology?

Astrology is a means in which we can understand our Karma and Purpose in life.

It is a tool for consciousness, a tool for KNOWING THYSELF, as Socrates said. It is a tool for understanding the cycles of life, at any stage of your life. As my teacher, Rod Suskin said, it is preparing for the weather by getting an umbrella should it rain. Certain things in life are unchangeable, and will happen anyway according to your karma for your soul’s highest development & evolution.

Out of all the divining arts, Astrology is the most accurate – statistically, 70 – 75% of the time. Most people know their Sun Sign, and are open to the Art of Astrology as a guiding tool to live their lives most fully.

The way Western Astrology works is not, in fact, based on the planets moving through the actual constellations as most people think. The reason for this is because the constellations move ever so slightly over time. The Ancient Greeks devised a method after discovering the movement of the constellations over time would never yield consistent results.

So how does it work? Well, in Astrology, we follow the path of the Sun, which dictates the earth’s seasonal cycles. The Astrological year therefore commences on the Autumn Equinox – the 21st of March – where Aries, the first sign of the zodiac begins. Sun then spends roughly 30 days in each sign, 12 signs in all, culminating again at Aries after one year’s solar cycle.

If the Sun dictates the Earth’s seasonal cycles, and the Moon influences the tides & our emotions, the logical thought from there is that the planetary movements affect us as human beings, as we are part of nature. Over many, many years of noting the planetary cycles and the effect they have on us, Astrology has shown time and time again, to be both a science and an art, which proves consistent and reliable.

Most people also think that Astrology doesn’t work because you can’t group people into just 12 signs – and that is absolutely right! Your birth chart consists of much more than just your Sun Sign, an intricate & complex blueprint as unique as you are.

You can use Astrology to empower yourself, get to know yourself, your partner, family & children, to see what the year ahead has in store for you as well as find out what the best vocation for you is.

I offer the following services:

This reading is the first stop for all those wishing to know their Birth Charts in detail. Know thyself. This reading is a pre requirement to all other readings besides Horary Readings.

1hr // R850 ($80)

**All readings available via Zoom

This Reading will help you to prepare for the year ahead by forecasting the trends and birth chart karma, which will unfold for you. Recommended to be done on your Birthday, or at any other time. You would have had your Natal Chart Reading with me already.

1hr // R850 ($80)

**All readings available via Zoom

This reading will help you understand which career path is best for you, and where your professional potential and talents lie. You would have had your Natal Chart Reading with me already.

1hr // R850 ($80)
**All readings available via Zoom

Get to know the intricate dynamics between yourself and a loved one and explore your strengths and weaknesses together. This reading is done once you have both already had your natal charts read, and have been together a year or more.

1.5hr // R1, 400 ($140)

**All readings available via Zoom

Horary is a powerful way of determining Yes or No answers to a dilemma, decision or problem you are facing, Used in legal matters, moving house, relationship related questions or even around pregnancy, this powerful & accurate method of Astrology is performed via email only.

Email only // R500 ($50)

**All readings available via Zoom

If you are unsure of your birth time, within 4 hours, I can assist by doing a “rectification” for you. This involves completing a form with important life events which I will then use to try and determine the time. It is a lengthy process and a few hours is given to the work.

R1400 ($140)

Contemplating a big move? Astrocartography can assist you with picking the perfect place where your Natal Birth Chart functions at it’s highest potential, and show you where the more challenging places are to live, too.

R200 // $20 per place (client to provide options) – Email only

Follow-up questions after the session within 24 hours are free of charge. Thereafter a fee will be applied, according to the manner and number of question/s.
Having your child’s Astrological profile is a wonderful and lifelong gift for guidance and insight as they grow up. In this offering, I outline their particular strengths, gifts, talents and weak points, as well as give advice on how to build their skills optimally.

This report is done for children aged 3 to 13, and is sent in a written format along with their charts, so that they can refer back to it at anytime. From 13 – 16, I suggest that the parent come along with their child to a face to face or Zoom online session. From 16 onwards, the reading is treated like any other usual natal chart reading and is private and confidential.

Written and Emailed // R900 ($90)

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