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Astrology has been my passion ever since I can remember. When I think back to my younger years, I recall always knowing people’s Star sign, sometimes remembering that before I could think of their name! Linda Goodman, famous 60’s astrology writer, was my “gateway drug” into this mysterious and ever fascinating world, and I pored over her magical words, feeling a deep resonation in what seemed to be able to explain myself to me.

Fast forward to my twenties, I began studying Vedic (Eastern) Astrology under the tutelage of my uncle, and became so hungry for more than I eventually enrolled in a 3-year Diploma Course with Rod Suskin’s School of Astrology. Having achieved a Scholarship for my final year, I graduated with a distinction and headed abroad, leaving my full-time job over my Saturn Return at 29 to grow my career.

I returned to Cape Town, after building experience doing workshops and consults to conscious communities in the East, and began teaching my own 12-week astrology foundations course, as well as holding both Astrology & Tarot workshops on various topics. Tarot, for me, is the perfect pairing to the more rational focus of Astrology, allowing for my intuition to flourish and grow.

As I gained more experience and explored many different types of astrology, from natal (in simple terms, “personality”) astrology, to predictive astrology, relationship focussed astrology to question-based astrology. Eventually, I found what I resonated with the strongest, and that is “psychological” astrology, so to speak. Although I am not a psychologist, I began realising that I had a wonderful knack of showing people their complexes, shadows and gifts, and that my sessions were compared to a “really good therapy session”. I find pride in being able to look back and see influences of the past, find resolution and shine a light on the things that perhaps have not been seen by the client.

This was further influenced by y studies of Jung, and over 2016 and 2018, I studied two life-changing courses, one in Yoga & Psychotherapy, and one being the “12 steps to Individuation” Jungian course, followed by the Conscious Living Program.

These two courses profoundly influenced my approach to Astrology, and lent me a further “Map of the Psyche”, helping me to learn how to break down the various concepts into astrological terms and to explore Archetypal meanings behind the planets.  These 10 planets can inform us of our own complexes, archetypal energies and behaviours, what parts may be strong and active within us, and what parts are neglected or unconscious.

Many of Jung’s theories fit beautifully with Astrological Symbols, such as the Persona with the Rising Sign, the Shadow with the planet Pluto, our subconscious longing and suppressions with our 12th house, and the Anima and Animus with Venus and Mars, with the Sun as the central “Self”, the core of our vitality.

At the same time, over the last few years I have been constantly contacted to do work on relationship astrology, from texts on astrological compatibility, to consults with couples looking for ways to improve their relationships. This is a particular area of interest for me, and something I am extremely passionate about.

My Qualifications:

  • 3yr Dipl. Traditional Astrology – Rod Suskin School of Astrology
  • Psychology & Yoga – Agama Yoga, Koh Phangan
  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Training – Rishikesh, India
  • 12 Steps to Individuation – Centre of Applied Jungian Studies
  • Intermediate Tarot Reading – School of Intuition and Healing
  • 8 – week Mindfulness Based Family Programme

The Courses I teach:

  • 12 week “Astrology for Self-Empowerment” Course (via School of Intuition & Healing)
  • 12 week “Power of Prediction” Astrology Course (via School of Intuition & Healing)
  • 4-month Tarot Basics Course (Via Metavarsity)

Retreats/Talks/Workshops, Past & Present:

  • “Retreat Yourself” – a yearly spirit-fest incorporating modern & traditional healing modalities
  • Monthly Astrology Talk on Cape Talk Radio
  • Yearly Astrology Retreats at The Buddhist Retreat Centre, Ixopo, KZN
My sister called me from the car after the reading, she said it was incredibly accurate, and thanked me for “such a nice Christmas present” – so THANK YOU so much, I knew you would be amazing!!
Riana Weichers
Thanks for the reading, it was more than accurate ! There were no surprises and it was the perfect reaffirmation of who I am, where I’m going and what I need to do. Thank you so much !
C Poulter
I just wanted to say thank you again for such a wonderfully honest and detailed reading. I’m still blown away by how accurate it was.

I’m so happy we met and I’m glad you came into my life for the reading, I’d been searching for a little while and as soon as I saw you were an astrologist .. I knew you were the right person to ask.

I truly hope you get to live your dream and keep doing this, you really have so much heart and knowledge to share! The world needs this right now.

Jo Woodman
You are the best!!

Thank you soo much for the session – I walked way with renewed energy for stuff.

You are a real professional – your assessment was deadly accurate, and your delivery and presentation was so inclusive and uplifting.

You made me feel excited about what lies in my field for the next while, and I cannot wait to start.

You have given me hope to trust my intuition and the path that I have chosen. And I will be going full out to absorb and do and experience and feel as much as I can. It’s like you’ve said to me “you can do this” – and it’s a huge relief.

Thank you so much. You are awesome.

T Newdigate
Thank you do much for sharing your knowledge and kindness with me today. It was indeed enlightening to hear my story. You are an inspiration.
M Hamilton
Today’s reading was amazing and has given me so much to think about – and more importantly, just really reinforced that I am on the right path and working through all this difficult stuff is so essential to my soul’s growth…! Thank you!
L McGregor
I had a chance to read your feedback about 10 mins ago… So true with tears in my eyes. Thank you for the guidance!
J Lombard
I have always been a skeptic regarding tarot reading and the stars. I must say that I am very impressed. I work very closely with J as I am his eyes, PA and just about everything. For someone who knows him and his ways so well it was really a surprise to read the information and research you have gathered. So, so true!! every last word and description and personality traits. Thank you for the guidance and the answering of our questions. We now know which way to go
M Lombard
“Thanks so much for a brilliant reading. It really inspired me. So much to take in. I have recommended a few friends so you will be getting some more clients.”
T Parish
Such a delight meeting you, thank you for the session today. So insightful and I took away so much more than I could have imagined, again many thanks – so much makes sense about myself and my life.
M Vaughn
Thank you so much for the reading! So insightful and totally accurate! What a fabulous birthday gift. I am giving my friend your information and he would like to contact you to set up a reading.
T Vaughn
I was a little speechless yesterday, sorry I didnt have to many questions! I felt however a little more at ease with myself yesterday and today, for a matter of fact – your readings were so accurate! And this morning I looked at the sun a little differently 🙂
K Fischer
Thank you so much 🙂 Ive just went through it again now and its so spot on!! AMAZING!!

Thank you again for your time and energy, it was a great experience and will definitely touch base again!!

T Hill
It’s such a surreal experience speaking to you from where am I today compared to our reading 4 years ago… I was just a baby struggling with chronic illness when I met you and very much so lacked confidence in myself.

I feel as though you have played a HUGE and major impact on my journey of growth and expansion because the readings have given me such a direct understanding as to who I am and what I’ve come here to do.

Endlessly grateful and looking forward to meeting in the flesh one day.

S Reid
I just wanted to say how validating and empowering it feels to carry around the things you’ve told me, even though it might transpire unexpectedly I just wanted to express thanks and to give feedback as it’s such a funny level of contact to skype for an hour and then you don’t see how it plays out day to day xD It’s really great. If you ever need a review or a quote or anything for promotional materials I’d be more than happy to write something or review anywhere 🙂
B Morton
Thank you dear Margarita, I loved our session and I resonated with everything you said. How beautiful astrology is, so much to discover, like a whole new world.
Will def rewatch the recording & book a follow-up on my birthday!!
N Peters
Hi Sunshine,

Well… still making massive progress from Reading.

A friend who knows me for a while.. 4 years suddenly asked for help. I had to pinch myself when she called😅.Her Husband really was in a distructive cycle and just needed a bit support. I popped into her thoughts as help.

I was surprised…. Honestly that someone actually called me up… And asked my Rate… willing to pay! 🌟

I set up appointment with him, most naturally knew somehow I would need to see him for 3 sessions… Have no idea how. 🤔. He was completely receptive… Wanting help.

Anyways intuitively with Angel Guidance, Colour and just a little very serene dose of Specific Calming Hypnosis got him to a point of where he feels “Reset” as such… The confidence in him astounds me and the fact that he unloaded so much freely and felt soothed with hope in his eyes again.

Since then I have got a referral because of them😯🤩. So come May 11 when homeschooling ends I actually have another paying Client.

Margarita… What to say…. Just a continued Thank you.

S Bigler
Both an astrology and tarot session with Margarita is profoundly insightful and deeply numinous. She has such a penetrating way of getting straight to the core allowing you to experience an intense grasp of your deep inner psychological workings. She is clear and insightful and gets straight to the point. An hour with her is a rich experience. She is also incredibly well studied and really cares about your advancement on your path of healing and understanding. You will not regret a session with her.
Thank you so much for my husband’s reading, he was absolutely mind blown.

Your work is incredible and you make such a positive impact on the lives of the people you read!

G Fegen
Slowly I am digesting anything you have shared with me in the reading and I just wanted to say thank you again!

I begin to feel empowered and liberated from confusion about what is right or wrong for me. It’s truly powerful that I understand myself better now, since there is such a flood of information everywhere and it’s sometimes hard to dissect what really matters.

I can see now how I fought against aspects within myself which in fact need more support. I see possibilities to turn them into strengths now or at least navigate them with more ease. Also it feels good to be confirmed with feelings I had about myself, but was not fully trusting in.

I am pretty excited to see what will unfold from this place of working more in harmony with my unique beingness. I also really enjoyed your way of offering and explainig your insights and giving inspiration for practical use! I am pretty sure, we will see again for a follow up, as soon as I need more support 🙂

M Pilz
Thank you for taking the time to complete a reading on my natal chart. I came out of the session with so much more than I could have asked for, or knew that I would need to hear (affirm 😁). You are truly gifted, and I would actually love to work with you annually, and likely bi-annually in a few years time.
B Dyer
Thank you so much again for the wonderful session and also for the recording. You were absolutely spot on about everything and I was quite speechless trying to process all of the information 😄

I will definitely listen to the recording to receive all of the wonderful insights.

But I feel very good and motivated to move forward now and am especially excited for my thirties and my saturn return haha!

CA Emelius
Sending you the deepest gratitude and appreciation from both myself and Jamie for the powerful couples reading.

It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time in the journey of our connection and was so deeply affirming and supportive of the dynamics between us.

We can tell it’s going to be a jewel of support and understanding between us for many years to come.

Thank you!!!

Thank you to the mooooon and back for such a lovely chart reading Margarita!

I can’t tell you how safe and cradled by the universe everything you mentioned makes me feel… I appreciate that so much.

D Ingham
I hope you are doing fantastic.
It’s Camille here. French peep who came for a reading 1,5 years ago in March 2021.
Scorpio sun – Pisces moon – Cancer ascend
My transformation towards the ocean world is coming to a manifestation
I felt I wanted to let you know that
I listened again to the audio while I was in Mozambique and
It is crazy how the birth chart and the projection part is accurate and In tune with my life adventure . 💫🧜🏻‍♀️🌍🧙🏼‍♀️.
Sending 💙from France to Hout Bay.
Hi Margarita,

I wanted to write to you and say that I really enjoyed my session with you. I found you insightful, incredibly detailed, your explanations were easily understandable and digestable and I also appreciated how you offered guidance alongside the insights you provide.

S Pitham