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Harness the Magic & Power of the Stars for yourself, every month, to your inbox.

If you’re as passionate about Astrology as me, then you would want access to its magic at any time, right? It’s great to be able to check online what’s happening in the heavens, but how about if you could get personal updates relevant to you, and only you, every month, as well as a…let’s call it a helpline….each month. Wouldn’t that be cool?

If you have had your chart read already with me, then this is all possible. In light of my client’s needs, I have developed a monthly package that allows you to get all sorts of awesome bonuses.

So how does it work? Well, if you sign up (on a month to month basis, so there’s no need to commit to much longer than you’d like, say for instance, over a particularly turbulent time) then you can get the following each month :

1 x weekly horoscope – specific to you and delivered to your inbox every Monday + 1 x monthly horoscope – specific to you and delivered to your inbox at the start of every month.


1 x Horary question – Horary Astrology is an extremely powerful way of asking a present-moment yes/no question such as :
Will I move?
Will I take the job?
Will I get fired?
Will he / she stay with me?
Will my speech be successful?
Will I win?
Will I go travelling?
Note ** : Questions asked MUST be for yourself ONLY, and relevant within the next year

OR :

1 x Electional Astrology Session – Electional Astrology is an amazing way to harness the best timing for your endeavour. Selecting a good time to start something can ensure its success later down the road. I can generate an Electional chart for the following events :
Best date to get married
Best date to start / register your new business
Best date to go for an operation
Best date to move in / out

OR :

1 x 12 card Astrology spread relating to each area of your life based on the Astrological Houses

So, you get 2 x forecasts (weekly & monthly), PLUS 1 x Horary OR 1 x Electional OR 1 x 12 card spread, every month.

This offer is ONLY valid to those I have already done a Natal Reading for as we will work evermore deeply with your personal life circumstances & particular challenges.

So…how much would it cost? Really not a lot, considering what you’ll get out of it. Here is the breakdown for all of you lovely clients all over the globe (you will be invoiced each month on Paypal) :

ZAR : R350 p/m
US : $27 p/m
EUR : €25 p/m
POUND :£18 p/m

If this sounds good to you, then simply complete the downloadable form here and I will get you going! Starting from May :) Questions? I welcome them!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Lotsa love,