After many months of having to slow down, curb our patience, deal with frustrations and putting projects to the side, of unpeeling our layers of armour bit by bit, Mars, the warrior planet, finally begins his direct motion at the end of this month.

A collective sigh of relief can be felt tangibly, as we begin to slowly recoup and gather energy to move in a forward direction, this time, with purpose and knowledge of what really drives us.

Mars’ long foray in the sign of Sagittarius, along with Saturn, has driven us to develop our truth, to really commit to a stand and to fight for what we believe. Not as fanatics, rather as truthseekers. It’s been a few months of chaos, to be sure, of not knowing exactly which direction we should be going.

Things have been in total flux for the first six months of 2016, and many of us have been burnt by the fires of refinement. We have been asked to shift direction, to commit yet be flexible, to bend and not break.

Many of us who prefer things to stay the same as they’ve always been, have been terribly challenged to let go, to trust, to develop faith.

Many of the planets have been in mutable signs, causing this change. The Eclipses of March ushered change in, and the ongoing squares in these signs between Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn and Mars, have pushed us all into a new way of being, a new way of coping. We’ve been pushed down into the ground, and forced to rise time and time again.

We have felt defeated, impatient, tired, disillusioned, depressed, angry. We’ve had to attend to small details that have seemingly come to nothing.

But, we’ve been blind to the gifts that these winds of change have been graceful enough to give us. Our fortunes are moving ahead once again, with Jupiter finally marching ahead out of his retrograde, with great gusto, Mercury joining him out of Taurus, and now Mars joining the victory parade.

Soon Saturn will join in and we will begin to see the great maturity that has come of the choices we’ve needed to make, the changes we’ve been forced to make, the adaptions we’ve gone through.

We’ll see that many of our insecurities and fears around change have been set free, and because of that, we ourselves are free.

Sagittarius values freedom above all else, truth and passion. We can expect a fresh burst of energy and enthusiasm soon now, to have out fighting spirits back and our hearts strong. Often, machines will begin to work again, and it’s a better time to have surgery as Mars rules iron, sharp things as well as operations.

Mars will station direct at 23 degrees of Scorpio, his own sign.

Wherever 23 degrees of Scorpio falls in your chart will be extra activated soon, given fresh, forward energy, away from the stalemate situations.

It’s time to dig out the shelved projects, call the right people, arrange the meetings, get going. He’ll wind his way back through Sagittarius again, and we will begin to feel lighter and better overall.

Mars, the warrior, hates frustration more than anything else, he hates being stuck and we will collectively hear his cries of joy as he makes his way through the zodiac again. We will feel more passionate, sexier, stronger, energised. In particular, Aries and Scorpio Ascendants will feel this energy most strongly, as well as anyone with Sagitttarius Ascendants. It may be a turning point for you, and big decisions are due to be made about your life direction.

There’s one last battle to be fought as Mars and Saturn join together in August .

Mars, the unstoppable force, and Saturn, the immovable object. Many of us will feel a final test of endurance and strength, but will have been fortified by the challenges of the last few months, and so well able to face anything that comes.


Whatever comes, let it come.
Whatever goes, let it go.
Whatever stays, let it stay.