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It’s Eclipse Season – Change or be Changed!

Eclipse season is upon us! In ancient times, humans used to perform elaborate ceremonies and rituals to avert the evil they believed eclipses portended, for to see the Sun swallowed up, in the middle of any normal day, and no sign of him coming back must have been very frightening indeed. I myself have witnessed […]

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Saturn Transits – the lessons we can expect to learn over the next 2-3 years

For those of us familiar with Astrology, when we hear about the planet Saturn, we shudder and change the subject, thinking back to our Saturn Return at 28-30, or similar times in our lives in which we were forced to grow up, take responsibility, or were tested in some way that was crushing at first, […]

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Navigating your Saturn Return

Like any good astrology student, I thought I was prepared for my Saturn return, an astrological phenomenon that happens to everyone around the age of 28 until about 31 years old. I had almost five years of formal and informal astrology studies behind me, had checked and double checked my birth chart, visited the two […]

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Astrology is not for the Faint Hearted

Astrology is my first love. Above and beyond any other spiritual language there is, it is the one that resonates the most deeply with me. It has always been this way, from a very young girl, first picking up a book by Linda Goodman and being amazed by the words that leapt out at me […]

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