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579852_10150959000767774_712751751_nAstrology is my first love. From a very young age, I was inexplicably drawn to the Zodiac, and as a teenager pored through Linda Goodman’s astrology books. I was able to further this passion doing informal training with my uncle, a respected Vedic Astrologer, from 2010, who fostered and gave structure to the art I loved.

Deciding to dive further, I enrolled for and took Rod Suskin’s 3 year Diploma Course in 2013, receiving a scholarship for my final year in 2015. Much of the journey revealed myself to myself, where I came to terms with the nature of the cycles of life, which set me at peace and helped me to develop & understand my own soul’s journey.

At the same time, I was furthering her knowledge and inherited Tarot gift from my father who read cards for 30 years, and then passed his deck to me, always advising me to read from the heart and for the highest good of others. These very cards were my playthings as a child, where I was exposed to the rich symbolism that has become a part of my essence.

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What I do


Astrology is a tool for consciousness, a tool for KNOWING THYSELF, as Socrates said. It is a tool for understanding the cycles of life, at any stage of your life. As my teacher, Rod Suskin said, it is preparing for the weather by getting an umbrella should it rain. Certain things will happen anyway according to your karma for your soul’s highest development & evolution.

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There is a belief that when the Creator made the world, he/she created all living forms as a way to understand him/herself, to mirror back to him what he cannot see. We as souls experiencing a human life yearn for the same thing, to understand ourselves, and make sense of our lives and purpose. We long for connection, for knowledge and for growth

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