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Astrology has been my passion ever since I can remember. When I think back to my younger years, I recall always knowing people’s Star sign, sometimes remembering that before I could think of their name! Linda Goodman, famous 60’s astrology write, was my “gateway drug” into this mysterious and ever fascinating world, and I pored over her magical words, feeling a deep resonation in what seemed to be able to explain myself to me.

Fast forward to my twenties, I began studying Vedic (Eastern) Astrology under the tutelage of my uncle, and became so hungry for more than I eventually enrolled in a 3-year Diploma Course with Rod Suskin’s School of Astrology. Having achieved a Scholarship for my final year, I graduated with a distinction and headed abroad, leaving my full-time job over my Saturn Return at 29 to build a career.

I returned to Cape Town, after building experience doing workshops and consults to conscious communities in the East, and began teaching my own 12-week astrology foundations course, as well as holding both Astrology & Tarot workshops on various topics. Tarot, for me, is the perfect pairing to the more rational focus of Astrology, allowing for my intuition to flourish and grow.

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What I do


Astrology is a tool for consciousness, a tool for KNOWING THYSELF, as Socrates said. It is a tool for understanding the cycles of life, at any stage of your life. As my teacher, Rod Suskin said, it is preparing for the weather by getting an umbrella should it rain. Certain things will happen anyway according to your karma for your soul’s highest development & evolution.

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There is a belief that when the Creator made the world, he/she created all living forms as a way to understand him/herself, to mirror back to him what he cannot see. We as souls experiencing a human life yearn for the same thing, to understand ourselves, and make sense of our lives and purpose. We long for connection, for knowledge and for growth

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